Board Member News

New CEO of Lewis Prize for Music

Board Member Dalouge Smith is now CEO of the Lewis Prize for Music established this year by philanthropist Daniel R. Lewis.

Dalouge served as President and CEO of San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory (SDYS) for over thirteen years where he led SDYS’ advocacy work that resulted in the restoration of in-school arts education for 40,000 children.

The Lewis Prize will recognize and resource extraordinary activist-music-creatives across the country to build more vibrant and fair communities for all. In this KPBS Radio first person segment, Dalouge explains what drew him to the arts and arts advocacy.


CAA Past President and board member Rick Stein meets Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

(District 73-Southeastern Los Angeles County) at a recent event in Newport Beach, where he thanked him for supporting increased funding for arts and arts education.

Did you know Speaker Rendon hosts periodic lectures and panels, and recently held one on the topic of “California Exceptionalism,” featuring artist Judy Baca, architect Frank Gehry and theatre director Peter Sellars?

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