A politician once defined relentless as “the ability to come back, time and time again, until your opponent gives up his will to resist.” California Arts Advocates is relentless in its efforts, when it comes to:

  • Working to increase public spending for the Arts!
  • Building relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials.
  • Tracking legislation in Sacramento and Washington D.C. that has an impact on arts and arts education and your organization.
  • Supporting legislation that provides additional funding for the Arts and Arts education and legislation that shines a spotlight on the contribution that arts, culture, and heritage make to California’s economy, communities, social programs, and tourism.
  • Informing elected officials, policy makers, and the media about the importance of funding the Arts and recognizing how the arts serve California every day!

Your membership and support of California Arts Advocates is more important than ever. Your membership and contribution dollars will support:

  • Professional advocacy services provided by the lobbying firm of Shaw/Yoder/Antwih.
  • Legislative Updates and Action Alerts, keeping members, arts stakeholders, elected officials, policy makers and the media informed about current issues before the California State Legislature and US Congress that will have an impact on arts, culture, and heritage in California.
  •, our website, providing information and access to E-tools, such as the California Arts Action Center to quickly and easily communicate with elected officials in Sacramento and Washington D.C.
  • Partnership with Americans for the Arts State Arts Action Network, a group of arts leaders from 40 other states who meet monthly with Americans for the Arts staff via conference call to discuss national strategies for arts funding and legislation.