Host a Forum

Forums, Legislative Briefings and Advocacy Training keep arts stakeholders and policymakers informed.

California Arts Advocates (CAA) is scheduling events to engage arts stakeholders in the legislative process and build public awareness for increased arts funding legislation.

The California Arts Advocates now offers professional services to help organizations learn about arts advocacy and create arts advocacy action plans tailored to the needs of nonprofit community-based organizations and civic agencies. This fee-based service, conducted by the CAA board members, will help each organization engage in the state-wide arts advocacy efforts while creating action plans for specific communities and regions.


  • Introduction to Arts Advocacy: Overview of California Arts Advocates and other regional and national organizations, Federal economic stimulus package and its connection to arts advocacy activities in California
  • Arts Advocacy Training: Learn about the connection between arts advocacy and changes in the law and public funding, how to communication about the intrinsic value and extrinsic value of the arts, and about lobbying and what nonprofit and civic organizations can and cannot do
  • Creating an Arts Advocacy Action Plan: Identify arts advocacy priorities, partners and supporters. Develop systems for communication and engagement with policy makers and the public. Create a plan for short and long term activities, including individual and group actions. Institute guidelines for staff, arts commissioners, and board members. Identify existing and potential resources.
  • Custom Presentation: CAA can create a specialized arts advocacy presentation tailored to each individual organization’s needs.


If your organization is interested in bringing CAA to your community for a legislative briefing and/or advocacy training workshop, please email