Member Benefits

We have a tremendous opportunity to use the collective clout of our boards, our audiences and our donors to influence public policy.

Our lobbyist, Shaw / Yoder / Antwih, in Sacramento monitors all bills introduced to the state legislature, notifying the CAA when bills that impact arts organizations and artists become active. With this constant awareness we are in a position to effectively lobby in support of legislation that benefits our members and the arts community and oppose legislation that will have a negative impact on arts and culture in California.

Our website provides up-to-date information, including action alerts, information about pending legislation and the state budget and news. Members receive legislative updates by e-mail about pending legislation that affects arts, culture and heritage in California, including state and federal funding legislation. CAA helps you stay informed about what decisions are made by elected officials and policymakers and how it affects your organization and audience members.

Bulletins from our lobbyist give you the opportunity to write, call, fax or e-mail your views at the timely moment when art related bills are under active consideration. CAA Legislative Updates e-mailed to you twice a month will keep you up to date on legislation that will impact the Arts and the communities you and your organization serve. CAA’s website provides an easy link to the California Arts Action Center making it easy for you to e-mail your elected officials.

This combined advocacy effort of CAA and its members will work to educate and inform legislators while creating a solid constituency for the arts. CAA is a respected voice for the Arts at the State Capitol.

CAA can assist you in making appointments with your elected officials at the State Capitol in Sacramento and can also accompany you and your board members to legislative offices. CAA is always available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail regarding legislation and policy affecting the arts and your community.

We are in constant communication with the state media to increase the visibility of arts and culture. Within this communication we keep the media informed about elected officials and legislation that are helping or hindering the arts in California.

As a CAA member, you and/or your organization will be recognized as a leader in state arts advocacy when listed on the CAA website, publications and information packets provided to legislators.