Our Mission:

To develop strategies and coordinate advocacy that strengthen arts and culture in California


Working on behalf of artists, arts organizations and millions of people that attend museums, galleries, and performances each year, the California Arts Advocates seek to:

  • Build strong, broad-based coalitions among the arts and will all constituencies that have a stake arts and culture.
  • Lobby to support legislation that benefits arts and culture and oppose legislation that will have a negative impact.
  • Alert and advise the arts community on necessary responsive action.
  • Provide coordinated testimony and evidentiary support materials at public hearings.
  • Educate the public and specific interest groups to the positive impact the arts have in the overall quality of life in California, including education, the economy, and solutions to social problems.
  • Involve other businesses, industries and the public in the support of arts and culture.
  • Engage media in a campaign to increase the visibility of arts and culture.
  • Promote public dialogue and discourse on the role of the arts in culture in every community in the state.
  • Encourage a climate favorable to expanded arts production, exhibition, and career opportunities for artists.

Our Priorities:

CAA provides professional public policy advocacy for the entire spectrum of arts stakeholders with the following:

  • Advocacy for All From the smallest troupe to the largest institution, from the solo artist to the largest organization, from the most diverse to the most mainstream, regardless of cultural segment, economic standing, or geographic location, CAA provides professional advocacy for all arts stakeholders.
  • Accurate and Timely Communication Strive to keep CAA members, arts stakeholders, elected officials, policy makers, and the media informed through legislative updates, action alerts, and website information.
  • Pragmatic Productivity Maintain positive and productive relationships with all elected and appointed public servants. Continue CAA’s legacy of identifying, cultivating and sustain arts support across the political spectrum.
  • Fresh Thinking Create and communicate modern and innovative solutions to current challenges that face the arts community. Seek new models that can be accomplished and sustained in the current fiscal and political climate.
  • Drive Leadership Encourage arts supporters in the State Senate and State Assembly to take a leadership role in addressing important policy areas that impact the arts as designated by CAA members.
  • Increase Inclusion Ensure the arts are included in public policy discourse and decision making.
  • Ensure Awareness Raise the profile of the arts in our state.
  • National Parity Work to restore California per capita spending and investment in the arts to a level comparable with other states. Increase California’s share of federal support for the arts.