California Arts Advocates Scores a Fifth Year of Gains for California Arts Council Funding – Help Us Keep the Momentum Going!

It’s a team effort, to be sure, but there is no denying that the intensive advocacy efforts by California Arts Advocates, our sister organization, played a major role in this year’s success: getting the Governor and Legislature to make permanent last year’s one-time only increase of $6.8 million.  After more than a decade of near-zero funding, the California Arts Council is funding over $15 million in grants to arts organizations, there is an additional $8 million being funded for the Arts in Corrections program, and the first round of official state-designated Cultural Districts will soon be announced. Support for arts education and opposition to the “non-profit warning label” bill have also been notable successes.

These activities cost money, and California Arts Advocates relies on membership dues to pay for half of its budget. Please celebrate our success and help us keep the momentum going by joining now or renewing your membership here.

Read the California Arts Council’s official announcement of its new budget, which includes its budget history, here.

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